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Okabe Family and its stunning Jazz discourse


Rome’s Elegance Café is the best place in roman jazz lovers’ hearts as it always surprise them in every way.

The Okabe Family, a Dutch band that is based on a Europeanist and absolutely no borders culture, broke the café walls creating a pure Jazz club atmosphere. From the Netherlands, the Okabe Family succeeded to create their own absolutely successful personality, based on conscious but never excessive improvisation. An improvisation that does not end in itself, but every part of it, like the group trading and the solos changing totally melt into a single, rhythmic and personal harmony that makes every single musician’s excellence stand out.

The bass “Vamp ”, Steven Willem Zwanink, knew how to detach from a sterile pop-culture accompaniment to create his own groove. The swing that came out from this all night long passed through romantic intimacy moments, sort of lindy hop ones, to arrive to true Jungle moments, such as The Duke; but even its fundamental low notes for the harmonic piano cycle were masterful.

Francesco De Rubeis, the drummer, perfectly melted his sound with Zwanik’s one. The two right hands of the band kept the public in perfect devotion and awe all concert long. A particular mention goes to the pianist Miguel Rodriguez. Okabe’s rhythmic section was stunning.

The band leader, Genzo Okabe, composer beyond musician, touched the audience soul with his music and his histrionic and tender personality, which make him the perfect Jazz Musician model. We wait for them to come back to Italy, more “sweetly aggressive” than ever.

The next, unmissable date in this amazing café will be on Monday the 30 of May with an interesting latino taste jam session.

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