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Stefano Bollani, on stage at the Eliseo, from March 29, with Valentina Cenni in “La Regina Dada”


From March 29, jazz player Stefano Bollani will be performing at Eliseo theater, as an author and actor in La Regina Dada, written with actress and dancer Valentina Cenni. This performance sees fusion between dramaturgy and music, designed to explore the territories of creativity, by escaping common sentiment and rigid human human conventions, outside the throws of time.

“It’s a story of two people in the attempt of finding a way to communicate – Bollani explains – and they do so through music. They want to do without words”.

Together, on stage, they’ll tell the unprecedented story of a fairytale queen.

Queen Dada abdicates and escapes in the middle of the night and takes takes refuge from her music teacher, to seek the truth beyond the role imposed on her by a predetermined life. Renouncing  words, she try’s to understand the real power of mankind, finally free from the manipulation of an already written destiny. Symbol of the renunciation of all definitions that can imprison and limit a creative spirit, it casts in doubt the certainty of all conventions, by indicating with the renunciation of her role, the only authentic way to find herself.

trad. Alice Mgbe